Your Preacher Says “Quit Your MLM!” – What Do You Do?

I had a friend contact me to see if I had read this blog about a preacher who is “forbidding his flock from flourishing in the multilevel market industry.”

Oh no… surely not.

But, then I found out it affected a few people I know.

This caught my attention, and I began researching what this preacher actually said. Come to find out, the church is just about 15 minutes from my house.

“Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” And that is just what this preacher did. A judgmental, pharisaic-like overflow from a man who leads by controlling others.



The Preacher – Barry L. Cameron

The Church – Crossroads Christian Church in Arlington, TX

Barry’s Blog:

(The blog post was actually taken down… but nothing ever disappears from the Internet. I found it on the Wayback Machine website)



Listen, I know this preacher. He used to be the preacher at Arlington Christian Church. He is a hot-head and has driven many people away due to his highly opinionated pulpit. He is no stranger to using his position to push his own agenda. I have seen him tear apart missionaries, threaten them, and leave the scared to breathe.

Just to be clear, I am a God-fearing, Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, follower of Christ. This is NOT an anti-church or anti-Christian post. It is anything but that.

One more disclaimer. I know that 1 Corinthians 1:23 says “we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block…” I don’t think Barry’s anti-MLM rant has anything to do with Christ crucified.

So, it comes down to this…

Here’s the Questions

  • What would you do if your preacher spoke out about the evils of network marketing, MLM, home-based business, affiliate marketing, etc.? He said it is evil, of the devil, and you need to quit?
  • Does a preacher have the right to say what he said (you need to read his website above)?
  • What do you say to the hundreds of people in this church who are involved in one way or another in MLM? This is no small church, so it is not a stretch to say that it is likely hundreds who are affected.
  • Is Barry correct (again, read his blog post at the website above for context)?

I mean come on!!! We may hear it from a family member or friend, but from your preacher? I guess I was caught off guard by this.

I feel the same way about Barry using the pulpit to voice his opinion on this subject in the same way I would if Barry began spouting off on what is the correct political party to be involved with.

Next, he is going to say that a realtor cannot have a sign on his or her car, or a construction worker cannot have a sign on his truck when they enter the parking lot of the church because it is manipulating the congregation. What about the doctors, dentists, and other self-employed people in the church. No logos on their shirts and no letting anyone in the church know what you do for a living.

Give me a break, Barry!

So, what do you do?

Here’s what you can do…

Put yourself in the shoes of these hundreds of people who go to this church who are involved in MLM. Many have been there for years. Many of them are connected to other Christians through their network marketing company. Many have actually participated on mission trips and relief trips to help the poor in distant countries through their MLM company.

If you were a part of that church, there would be a decision to be made. Do you walk away and quit MLM? Do you leave that church? Do you stay and keep doing what you have been doing, despite resistance from the leadership?

Let me know. Leave a comment.

Maybe I’m just off base… maybe I’m not. I don’t claim to know everything, but some things do not seem right.

2nd Thoughts

I wrote that original piece above a few years ago and reposted here because I have had others share the same thoughts years later. But, I want to follow up on a couple things

Barry Is Okay To Do What He Does

I don’t agree with Barry here, but that’s not important. I haven’t been called by God to oversee a particular body of believers. That is very important to remember.

He must do and say what he believes in his heart is right to do and say. I respect him for that.

Poor Scripture Use

I re-read the article above and I really think Mr. Cameron is off base. In the world of Scripture interpretation there is something called “Proof Texting.”

Proof texting is where you have an idea, then you go to the Bible and see if there are any scriptures, or passages of text that will support your idea.

You could literally go to the Bible and make it say almost anything you want with that approach.

However, that is 100% backwards. Scripture should lead our thoughts and then we let Scripture interpret Scripture… not let a few random verses validate a feeling we may have.

All I’m saying is that if Barry wants to prove that MLM is bad by going to the Bible, he can do so by pulling out random verses to validate his thoughts.

Another name for this is Scripture Twisting.

Anyway… I don’t agree. He has a right to his opinions, but that’s all it is… his opinions.

As for me and my house, I would like to say that being a part of the home-based business industry is one of the greatest blessings, and we are a better family because of the freedom we have been able to experience.

Bottom Line = MLM is good!