Why the name, “Ready, Set, Leads?”

Why do we have the company name, “Ready, Set, Leads?”

We could have easily used some name with MLM Leads in it to make it obvious what our company was about. We could have used something about the home-based business industry within our name. So, why, Ready, Set, Leads?

We believe it captures the true heart of being in business for yourself. Having your own business is a lot like running a race. You’ve watched the Olympics haven’t you? What do they say at the beginning of a track event, a swimming event, or any other type of race?

They say, “Ready.” Then all of the races get to their blocks. They say, “Set.” Then all of the racers get in position to take off. They say, “Go!” Then all the racers run or swim as fast as they can toward the finish line.

Running your own business is much like that.

You get ready. You prepare your websites. You increase your product knowledge. You develop a plan for growth. You connect with your team and mentor. You write your goals. You train. You read. You work on personal development.

You get set. You put your marketing strategy in place. You buy your leads. You fine tune your autoresponder. You work on your script. You focus on the finish line, your short-range and medium-range goals.

You Go! You contact your leads. You do 3-way phone calls. You follow-up with your prospects. You train your downline. You attend team trainings.

Then you do it all over again. You repeat this cycle over and over again.

Running your own business isn’t just one race. It is a bunch of short distance and long distance races.

It’s more than a marathon. If you know anything about running, then having your own business is a bunch of 5K’s, 10K’s, milers, half-marathons, and marathons.

Ready, Set, Leads is all about making “LEADS” your “GO!”

After all, you can’t just ready, set.

You’ve got to GO! Run your race.

We want to be your lead source to help you put your preparation and your marketing strategy into action. With over 15 years in the industry, we believe we have the best MLM Leads at the best possible price to help you grow your home-based business, network marketing business, or affiliate business.

So, check us out at Ready, Set, Leads!

You’ll find that there are SO MANY analogies from running that apply to running your own business… it is the perfect name for a leads company πŸ™‚