What If The Leads Just Don’t Work?

MLM Leads is A LOT Like Fishing

About 2 weeks ago I was out fishing. It was near the end of the day and the air was beginning to cool. I thought it would have been a good time to catch a few largemouth bass.

As I approached the pond, I noticed 4 other people fishing. They were scattered about. As I walked up, one of the first questions that you always ask is, “catch anything?”

The answer was “no, maybe a couple bites, but no one is catching anything.”

I could have walked back to my truck and gone on home. No one is catching anything so there must not be any fish there. I didn’t go home. I tied on a 7 inch purple worm and began casting. I came across another person and asked a similar question – “getting any bites?”

The answer was “I think I had a bite, but haven’t caught anything.”

I continued casting. After about 20 minutes I got my first bite. I didn’t catch him (or her), but it was definitely a bite. I was encouraged.

An hour later I had a total of seven bites and landed five largemouth bass! Two bass were really pretty nice. By that time it was just my wife and I fishing. She landed a few nice bass too. The others had gone home – never catching a fish.

The Lesson Here

  • I could have quit before I got started because everyone else said there were no fish.
  • I could have quit after about 20-30 minutes because I hadn’t caught any fish yet.
  • I stuck with it because I knew the secret – right bait, right time, right location, right presentation. Success!!!

The same can be said for using leads from our company. Listen closely. This is something you NEED to hear:

  • You can quit before getting started because everyone else says leads don’t work.
  • You can quit after calling 20 or 30 people because you didn’t sponsor anyone yet.
  • You can stick with it because you know the secret – right leads, right time, right “location,” and right presentation. Success!!!

Those are the 4 ingredients you must have:

Right leads – not all leads are for every person. Just like in fishing, my experience told me that a purple worm would work best. Find a type of lead that works for you. It may be an interviewed lead, a local lead, a fresh lead, or a redirected lead. You will find your comfort zone.

Right time – I could have gone fishing about 4 hours earlier and had limited success (at best). But, my experience told me that the fish will become more active before dark. The same works for leads. Find the time of day that is your comfort zone. It could be days or evenings. That is for you to find out.

Right “location.” – There were changes in the contour of the pond and places I was looking for that looked “fishy.” With leads, you need to decide what is best for you – local leads from your area codes or state, or nationwide leads. Don’t call nationwide leads if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone 500 miles away. Find your comfort zone.

Right presentation – My experience told me “how” to fish the worm to catch the fish. You need experience. Get a script book from Dani Johnson. Attend recruiting seminars. Get good at what you do. Find your presentation comfort zone.

Right Leads, Right Time. Right Location. Right Presentation.

All 4 ingredients WILL lead you to success. If you skip or short change any of them, you’ll be a complainer and a whiner, convinced that this great industry just doesn’t work.

Bottom line – my wife did NOT use a plastic worm. She used a spinner. She fished different spots than me. She didn’t catch as many as I did, but her two biggest bass were bigger than mine. What works for one person may not work for another.

Be bigger than the guy who reacts to what others are saying. There are always naysayers in everything you do. Be bigger than that. That’s why we got into the network marketing industry anyway… correct? If we always listened to others we’d be doing what everyone told us to do.

So… for success in your home-based business… do like I did when I showed up to go fishing… just fish!

Happy recruiting (and fishing)