What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #3

Here we are at day #3 already. It all started on Tuesday when I decided to answer some common questions I get on a regular basis and share them with everyone.

It all centers around the idea, What I’d Do In 2019, if I was actively building a Network Marketing or MLM business.

(Just for the record, I am not. I am not a distributor with a company in order to remain neutral when working with customers from so many different company. I use products from many companies, but I am not a distributor).

You can see the emails from the other days by referring to these blog posts. I have copied the emails I sent and made them blog posts:

Day #1 – Email Marketing
Day #2 – Pounding The Phone

Now, on to Day #3 – Direct Mail

While I mentioned yesterday that Pounding The Phone would be my primary means of marketing, let me clarify that. I believe it is the most effective and can build a business faster than just about any other method. Dialing can ultimately be the most productive way to build a business. I believe that.

However, the method I personally like the best is direct mail. I have been successful with this on two different occasions.

Before I tell you about them, let me tell you what I mean by direct mail (just to be clear)

Direct Mail – sending out letters or postcards to a list of prospects to get them to take an action (visit your website, make a phone call, attend a meeting, etc.)

The first time I used direct mail was between 1993-95. I had used it before then, but this time it was more concentrated. I would send out 1-2 page letters to my list. At this time, the internet was still very young and the majority of people were not online yet. I did this on a regular basis and built up an income over $6,000 per month. I am no longer with that company.

The second time used direct mail was between 1998-2001. This time I used postcards. I was building a ProStep business mailing bright yellow postcards with black and red ink. Simple and cheap. I became very successful and was doing quite well until they went out of business.

Today, in 2019, when everything is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, webinars, email, blogs, etc., it is my personal belief, as well as proven by polls and surveys, people still love to get mail. They want to go to their mailbox and will more eagerly read their mail.

If I was building a business today, I would use direct mail postcard marketing for four main reasons:

First, it is the most easy and duplicatable marketing system.

Here’s what you do:

  1. You buy a list of leads
  2. You buy a batch of postcards
  3. You put a 35 cent post card stamp on the postcard and put the address label on
  4. Go to the post office and mail them

How easy is that for a new person or someone who just doesn’t want to cold call?!?!

You can either make your own postcards, buy them from a company like PostcardMania, or get them from your company.

The postcard does not have to be a thing of beauty. It should get their attention from the rest of the mail in their box and give them some information with a call to action. Some of the best success comes from a simple postcard.

Second, it is a process you can get others involved with.

You don’t know how many times my wife and I would sit down and fold letters, stuff envelopes, put on stamps, etc. You can get your kids involved or even get together with other distributors in your area and do the work together.

The reason I like this is that it gets everyone working toward a goal together. No lone rangers. It’s a non-threatening activity for everyone.

Third, it is a measurable activity.

You can set weekly goals. 100 postcards per week. You know what you have to do and what your budget is going to be. And, you know how long it’s going to take you. No surprises.

It would cost you $50 – $100 per week to do 100 postcards. The stamp is 35 cents ($35.00 for 100 stamps). The post card will cost you 10-50 cents each ($10-$50 for 100 postcards). The lead and the label will cost you about 10-15 cents each ($10-$15 for 100 leads).

Fourth, the results become measurable.

After a while you will begin to learn, for every 100 postcards I send out, I will get this kind of result based upon my call to action on the postcard. 100 postcards is not a real measure in the world of direct mail, but if that is your weekly activity, you soon will develop a predictable result.

1,000 pieces of direct mail will begin to get you some measurements, and especially after 10,000… but that can take awhile. 🙂

Sometimes the most effective postcard is one of these bright, yellow postcards… but test what’s best for you.

My recommendation:

Direct mail is my favorite form of activity. The results are better than email marketing, but not as cheap as email marketing. The results can be slower than phone calling, but not as scary and difficult to do.

I would try and do 1,000 postcards per month. If that is too expensive, I would do 500. If I could afford more, I certainly would.

Here’s the cost of 1,000 postcards:

Stamps – $350
Postcards – $80
Leads – $90
Total = $520

Just divide that number in half to do 500 postcards per month.

Direct mail is not cheap, but it is (in my opinion) very effective and very easy to do.

There is a reason why many companies are still using direct mail… or returning to direct mail.

One more quick story…

I have a friend in Florida who is a State Farm agent. He has built his entire agency through direct mail marketing. He has been doing this for almost 25 years. Of course he now gets a lot of referrals and walk ins, but he continues to send out post cards and letters on regular, weekly basis. It is the life blood to his insurance business.

If you are interested in direct marketing, here is what I would do:

  • See if your company, or some upline, downline, or cross-line has a postcard already working. If so, use that.
  • If there is no postcard in your company, either design one or have someone design one for you. There are several companies out there.
  • Buy some post card leads and put them on address labels (you may need to learn how to do this on Microsoft Word – easy). We have postcard leads at Ready Set  Leads. They are 9-13 cents each. You can find them here: >> MLM Postcard Leads
  • Set your weekly activity goal, and get going.

That’s all for today… direct mail is not at the front of everyone’s mind (which is a good thing), and something I would not neglect.

Tomorrow I will share with you my last thing I would be doing in 2019 – Trimming The Fat.

Until then!

Ready Set Leads