What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #2

Yesterday I blogged about responding to questions about what is working and what is the best way to grow your business in 2019.

Yesterday I said I would use email marketing as part of my system. Done right, it is a great way to add people to your pipeline. Done wrong, and it’s a waste of time and money.

If you want information about that, just go here.

Today I want to tell you what my primary way of building a business would be. This is where I would sink at least 50% of my effort, if not more.

Pounding the Phones

Dialing, picking up the phone, cold calling, or whatever you want to call it.

Let me give this to you in 3 parts:

1) The Rationale For Pounding The Phones

Rule of thumb – the greater the level of intrusiveness, the greater the level of success.

With direct mail and email marketing, you can hide behind your computer or your desk.

With phone calling, you have to risk a bit more and put yourself in front of someone. Rejection is more certain and more swift.

But, you WILL get to speak to real people who are really seeking.

Phone calling is not easy work. But, lead for lead it is far more effective and you will grow your business faster than using email marketing or direct mail. Period.

People want to speak to a real person. As much as some people may whine, it is what people want. Trust comes faster.

2) The Numbers For Pounding The Phone

A friend of mine from the past, Joe, used to dial through about 100 leads per month. He talked to a few, enrolled fewer, and barely scraped by.

He was challenged at his company convention to dial through 1,000 leads per month. He thought it was gonna kill him.

He did it. Basically he took the same number of leads he was calling in a year, and did it in a month.

His commission checks grew. Not bad part-time money.

His upline nailed him though. If he could adjust to going from 100 per month to 1,000 per month, then he needed to be able to do 1,000 per week.

It seemed impossible, but he did it. 200 dials per day, 5 days a week.

Needless to say, Joe is, and was, a success story.

Here’s the deal. Listen closely here…

Over the last 9 years in the leads business, I have seen too many people wallow in the crap of this life, unnecessarily, when the pattern for success has been there in front of them all of the time.

Large Numbers + Short Periods Of Time = Success

Seriously, how many of the top distributors in any company play around with tiny numbers????

In 2019, IF you are going to have success, you need to go through large numbers in shorter periods of time…
like Joe.

3) Pounding The Phones In 2019

When Joe made these 1,000 calls per week, he did it the old fashion way. Dialing through each lead.

That works still, but using a tool like Phone Burner can help you go through two to three times as many numbers.

If I was building a business in 2019, I would be using Phone Burner, or something similar, and dialing through 2,000 leads per week.

I would do this straight, six days per week for 90 days.

I would take one month off, and then do that again for another 90 days.

I would take another month off, and then do a final blast of 90 days of intensive calling.

That would be over 75,000 phone calls over that period of time.

Now… seriously… how many people could you take from interested, to serious, to new distributor if you made 75,000 phone calls by Summer 2020?


I can guarantee you, I would be making a whole lot more money than you, or anyone else, who just tried to do business as usual.

Most people won’t speak to 1% of that number this year.

** Quick Response about 75,000 leads **

There aren’t too many people who could find room in their budget for 75,000 leads.

I would use a combination of leads:

  1. I don’t think I would use real time leads (at least not many). They would end up being too expensive.
  2. I would try and keep my cost below 50 cents per lead, if I could… and $1 at the most. There are plenty of aged leads for this price.
  3. I would include a large number of genealogy leads. Those can tend to be 1-3 cents each.
  4. I would include many leads that I had purchased in the past, so there wouldn’t be any new costs there.
  5. Of course you buy them a week or two at a time, and use some of your profits to pay for the leads. You will have to spend some money on leads, but you can do it within your budget. Get the highest quality lead your budget can afford.

** Bottom Line **

I’m not trying to selling you anything. There is nothing to buy here.

I’m just telling you what I would be doing.

In fact, I bet most of you have a big ole pile of leads already on your computer that you could be using to start off with.

This may not be for everyone, but, I would have no interest in earning a tiny part-time check that barely covers my monthly autoship. I would do what it takes to be full time, 5 figures monthly, in less than a year.

So, there you have day #2… pounding the phones.

Tomorrow I will send you day #3 – using direct mail.

I hope you found this useful.

Best wishes!!!

And do great things!

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