Tips For Calling MLM Leads During Election Years

I don’t know about you, but I am about ready to cancel my phone service if I receive one more call about who I’m voting for and which candidate I thought won the last debate, or any other senator, local official, or whomever. I receive call after call every day, every week.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. People are getting more telemarketing, pre-recorded phone calls these days than ever before. Election years can be a HUGE pain in the butt…

…especially for those of us who use the phone to make a living!

And then you begin calling through your list of home business opportunity leads… and here are a few things you might hear:

This is the 5th phone call I’ve received today
I didn’t ask for anything
I’m so tired of the phone calls

Let me give you three main tips for calling your list of leads with greater success during election years.

TIP #1 – Understand that when someone says that this is the 5th phone call they’ve received, that doesn’t mean that they have received 4 other calls about a home business. It means that they have received 4 previous telemarketing calls, and this one sounds like the others, so they lump everything together. This also goes for any variation of other responses you may receive. The worst “fibbers” in the world are the people on the other end of the phone. The most honest of people resort to telling lies to get you off the phone.

This tip is more about just understanding what you’re up against. When people are “weary” of the phone calls, they tend to resort to doing things like on the list above.

So, what do you do? Keep reading.

TIP #2 – Get yourself in the right frame of mind.


You will never be your best, do your best, and communicate your best if you are not focused, excited, smiling, and ready. If you know you’re going to start calling at 7:00, don’t get into an argument at 6:45; don’t go out and run a bunch of errands right before hand; don’t go mow the grass, etc.

Instead, give yourself time to prepare. Put on some music, turn it up, get the whole house going. I like to go out for a jog about an hour before hand. Get my endorphins at their peak, shower off, keep the music going, and then begin calling.

Here is the deal – put yourself in the right frame of mind to have the greatest chance of success. Otherwise, you’re probably going to waste a lot of other people’s time, as well as your own.

TIP #3 – You HAVE TO BE the opposite of what every other telemarketer is doing. If you don’t, you’re doomed. Think about it, what is every political call sound like?

  • You hear the room of other callers in the background
  • “Hello may I please speak to Mr. Smith?”
  • “This is a courtesy call on behalf of…”
  • Long pauses after the person says Hello
  • Bored, dreary, lifeless… it is their 300th call of the day. They hate it.

You MUST do the opposite.

Have energy in your voice. Don’t talk so formal. Have some music in the background if it doesn’t distract you. Don’t use the person’s last name. Respond promptly.

This is about how I would do it. It may not feel real comfortable at first, but I bet you get to talk to A LOT more people… A LOT!


[with energy] “Hey John, how are ya? This is Rich giving you a call back.” (slight pause) “How can I help you now? You had asked for some information about starting your own business from home, and so I was getting back with you.”
[let the prospect talk and take it from there]

The key is you must be the opposite.

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The primary thing to remember is that this is NOT a regular year, so you cannot do business as usual. Be friendly, energetic, smile and warm. Practice your intonation so you don’t sound lifeless.

You will have success, but you MUST be different.