Your Preacher Says “Quit Your MLM!” – What Do You Do?

I had a friend contact me to see if I had read this blog about a preacher who is “forbidding his flock from flourishing in the multilevel market industry.” Oh no… surely not. But, then I found out it affected a few people I know. This caught my attention, and I began researching what this preacher actually said. Come to find out, the church is just about 15 minutes from my house. “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” And that is just what this preacher did. A judgmental, pharisaic-like overflow from … Read more

What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #4

This is the conclusion of a 4-part series about what I’d do in 2019 to grow my MLM business – aka home-based business or network marketing business. Let me state a couple things: When I say “grow,” I don’t mean to add a couple hundred bucks a month to my commission check by the end of the year. You can do that, but that’s not what this is about. This is about going full time, taking it to 5-figures a month and beyond. While I say this is for 2019, I wrote a very similar … Read more

What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #3

Here we are at day #3 already. It all started on Tuesday when I decided to answer some common questions I get on a regular basis and share them with everyone. It all centers around the idea, What I’d Do In 2019, if I was actively building a Network Marketing or MLM business. (Just for the record, I am not. I am not a distributor with a company in order to remain neutral when working with customers from so many different company. I use products from many companies, but I am not a distributor). You … Read more

The Truth About Genealogy Leads (aka Downline Reports)

Many people don’t know that I used to be the owner of a website that no longer exists – I only used to sell downline reports and genealogy. In fact, I was the #1 seller of genealogy reports. I was second to none. What is a genealogy lead? A genealogy lead comes from a report, some people call them downline reports. These reports are lists of names of people who are already in an existing MLM company, or one that has gone out of business. They have been around for decades, but were made … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving From Ready Set Leads

We just want to pause and say wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! There is SO MUCH to be thankful for! A cornucopia is not only a symbol of plenty, it is a symbol of an overflowing abundance of good things. Yes, not everything is rosy, but that’s life. We choose to be thankful, grateful, and appreciate our lives. We encourage you to take time over the next few days to begin making list of the things you are thankful for. Take a few days to so, and then share it with others. It is a … Read more