Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads

For almost 15 years, Telephone Interviewed Leads were the top choice among the top dogs in the network marketing industry. But…

…you noticed that sentence was in past-tense. They “used to be” the top choice. No more. This is 2019 and times have changed.

What happened? I’ll tell you what happened – there is so much fraud, scams, and manipulation of data in the call centers that would conduct these interviews, they could not be trusted. You would be lucky if 1 in 10 was actually “sort of” interviewed.

Lead companies hate selling phone interviewed leads because they know the complaints from customers is going to be so high. They sell them anyway for the profit, but no other lead type generates more complaints than these… because they’re supposed to be interviewed, yet they are not.

The photo above is how the lead companies want you to believe you’ll feel when dialing through your leads.  Cup of coffee while listening to the prospect tell you how much they have been waiting for your call.

That’s simply a bunch of B.S.

Folks, this is a new age we live in. If you want leads that you know where they came from and a lead that is a genuine prospect, you MUST take control of the process and generate your own leads. 

Take control or get out of the game!


The Best Leads Are Your Own Leads

I have been in the leads business for more than 20 years. I have had more than 300 million leads pass through my fingers during this time. Times have changed A LOT during this time and there has never been a greater need for you to generate your own leads and the systems in place these days have never been more simple.

If you can follow directions, copy, drag and drop, and click a few buttons, you can do generate your own MLM Leads. I have no doubt.

In my opinion, you have 2 choices:

  1. Learn to generate your own leads and prosper
  2. Don’t learn. Good luck… cuz your gonna need lots of it!

You know as well as I do, the very best leads you could ever have in your hands are your own leads. You know where they came from, what information they requested, that they are truly authentic, and they are reaching out to you about a home-based business opportunity.

Imagine, people actually reaching out to you…

…that would be the dream life, wouldn’t it!?

That may have been a dream in the past, but no longer. Let me introduce you to a guy named Zach Spears.

Carl Cramer and Recruiting 25+ People a Month

Carl Cramer is a guy like you and I. He worked hard at his business for 5 years… busting his butt… and at the end of 5 years he was only doing about $800/month. Take out product costs and any other expenses, and it starts to look kind of depressing.

(one primary reason he was only making $800 a month was because people were quitting within a few months after joining. Carl didn’t really have a system that was duplicatible for his team)

Carl wasn’t really depressed. He was angry!

One day he came across a book, “Dotcom Secrets.” It blew him away. Light bulbs went off everywhere and he began to implement what he was learning.

He began using Clickfunnels to generate his own leads.

He built a funnel where he has sold over 1,800 copies (at $37) of his script book and success course, and then used emails and trainings to promote his MLM company.

Using this simple system, he is generating his own leads and enrolling 25+ people a month onto his team!  Boom!

Carl didn’t need to:

  • Know programming code
  • Web design and graphic design
  • Hiring a tech team
  • Hiring a marketing team

Want to know more about Clickfunnels and the book, Dotcom Secrets, that Carl used to get his start? Then click on the link above or below.

It may be the best thing you’ve done for you and your business all year!