Success with Real Time Leads

You buy a batch of leads for your network marketing business… so what can you expect?

That’s a pretty loaded question, but let me try and break it down and then answer the question.


First of all, not all lists of leads are equal. That is a given, but needs to be stated. So, let’s eliminate about 90% of the places online where you can buy leads. Most of them are oversold and soooo poorly generated it is a wonder that they can even be called leads. Let’s assume you bought a good list from a good company. That narrows it down to just a few places to buy leads.

Second of all, how much experience do you have? I am primarily writing this to those with little to no experience… but here’s the catch… you probably don’t think that’s you! My guess… yep, that’s you. If you come to the end of this article and think, “I’m better than that. I can recruit more people than that,” then, you’re probably a novice.

Finally, let’s assume you are calling your leads. No email marketing. No phone burner. Just you and your phone, sweating it out while you punch in those numbers.

Bottom line – you have a good list, you’re probably a novice or intermediate, and you’re manually dialing. I am going to assume you have a list of 100 Real Time National Surveyed leads. Price – about $300-$350.

So, What Can You Expect?

  • Novice – you should be able to recruit 1 or 2 people out of 100 quality leads.
  • Intermediate – you should be able to recruit 3 or 4 out of 100 quality leads.
  • Expert – you should be able to recruit 5 or 6 out of 100 quality leads.

Some can do better, but folks… that is reality. That is what’s real. My advice. Move from novice to expert as fast as you can. There’s more money to be made as an expert than a novice.

And, if you are novice, don’t start out with real time leads. For less than half the cost you can get leads that are 1 week old. You’ll save your money as you grow in your phone and recruiting skills.

I’m telling you right now… no greater advice can I give than what I just gave. If you cannot live with those numbers, then you might want to consider another way of building your business besides leads.

** Side Note ** If you’re buying a batch of leads that is only 20-25 leads, you may strike out. Zero. An intermediate or expert may recruit 1 or 2. I’m just being real. A novice is more likely to recruit 1 out of 50 leads.

Why Being An Expert Is Worth It

Let’s compare numbers to figure out why it’s worth it to become an expert.

The Novice Experience

As a novice, you may go through 5 lists of 100 leads. Let’s say you buy the 1 week old leads. Total investment, 500 leads for about $600-700.

Let’s say you recruit 1 – 2 people per 100 leads. You call through 100 leads per week. After 500 leads, you have recruited 8 people. You’ve busted your butt. You have a downline of 8 new distributors in a 5 week period. Actually, that’s pretty cool.

The average compensation per distributor over a 2 month period is $100. This includes fast start bonuses and other commissions.This does not include any duplication on your downline’s part or anything else. It also does not include any other people you have in your downline. Just the earnings off those 8 new people.

Total earned – $800
Total invested – $650
Profit – $150
Not bad. Maybe after 500 leads you may be graduating to intermediate… maybe.

The Expert Experience

As an expert, you go through the same quantity of leads, but you buy the real time leads. Total investment for 500 leads = $1,500

Let’s say you recruit 5 – 6 people per 100 leads. You call through 100 leads per week. After 500 leads, you have recruited 28 people. You’ve busted your butt. You have just added 28 new distributors to your downline in a 5 week period. Nice job!

You actually will earn more than $100 per distributor because you will likely advance in rank within your company. I’ll be conservative and say you earn $125 per distributor (it’s likely to be closer to $150).

Total earned – $3,500
Total invested – $1,500
Profit – $2,000
The total difference between an expert and a novice is $1,850, calling through the same number of leads, doing the same amount of work.

Are You A Novice?

Most likely, yes, you are a novice.

That’s okay. Don’t be too proud to admit that. Your pride is costing you money with unrealistic expectations and an unwillingness to learn.

How do you know you’re a novice?

If you can answer yes to a few of these questions, let alone 1 or 2 of them, then you are a novice:

  • Have you ever said, “I should be able to recruit 4 or 5 people from this batch of 20 leads..”
  • Do you ever blame the quality of the list?
  • Do you ever blame the people on the other end of the line?
  • Do you think calling leads should be easy?
  • Do you ask a lot of questions like “How should I do this? How many times do I leave a voice mail? What time of day is best to call?”
  • Do you have a script I can use?

Are any of those things wrong? Eh… maybe. But, it likely labels you as a novice. That’s okay. You know that you need to grow.

** Side Note ** I know that quality can be an issue. But, if you started out buying leads from a quality company then it’s time to stop blaming the quality of the leads. If you have questions about scripts, voice mails, and times of day, that’s okay, it just shows that you need more (much more) experience.

The Bottom Line

MLM Leads are a fantastic way to build your business. If they weren’t, then I would not have been in the leads business for 10 years.

Leads work. Period.

If you want leads to work for you, then it’s time to work through being a novice. Admit you are one. It’s okay. Once you can admit that you are in the right place to realize my job is just to learn. I will earn while I learn, but my main job is to learn.

Bigger money awaits. Much, much bigger.

If you take that expert and give him 100 leads per week to call for 50 weeks per year… whew!!!! It’s almost scary to think what kind of money could be earned!

But, even a novice who is committed to graduating to intermediate will make some very nice money in that same time.