Running is Just Like Network Marketing

I’m a runner. I’m not fast, but I’m a runner. I’ll probably never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I’m a runner.

I used to hate running, but now I love it. I didn’t start running as a sport until April, 2011. I couldn’t run 2 minutes without fighting for oxygen. By Memorial Day I ran my first 5K. By September I ran my first 10K, and by Thanksgiving I ran my first half-marathon.

Rain, sun, cold, or heat, I run.

Not every day is a good running day. Some days I struggle. Most days I go through my routine. And a few days, something comes over me mid-run, and I feel like I could run forever. It’s effortless. Those are my favorite days!

I’m a runner.

Running and Network Marketing

I’ve come to realize, as thoughts course through my mind while on a run, that running a home-based business is A LOT like being involved in network marketing.

Even after 7 years, there are times in the middle of a 3 mile run when I just want to quit. My mind is telling me I need to stop, walk, maybe call my wife to come pick me up. “Uh, yes, hello honey… can you come pick me up? I can’t go any further. You’ll find me lying on the sidewalk on College street.”

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It’s all mental though. It almost always is. My mind is ready to quit far before my legs are ready to. I could listen to the lies in my head trying to make me think it’s a physical thing, the truth and reality is that it is all in my head.

So what do I do?

I push through it. I look for a nearby landmark, maybe the next street sign, a tree, or anything, and I tell myself, just make it to that next street sign. I make it there, and I look for another nearby landmark and make it there.

I do this over and over until I have finally overcome the mental limitation.

To this day, I can still remember the times when I overcame some of my greatest mental challenges while running. I know where I was, my landmarks, and the feeling of incredible satisfaction when I reached the end of my run for that day.

You know – network marketing is like that in so many ways. It’s a mental thing far more than it is a physical or financial thing.

Your greatest battles are mental. Every stage of growth is a mental challenge. To quit and go back to the way things were. To stop advancing and be comfortable where you are. To say you do not have what it takes to be the person who can take things further up and further in.

So what do you do?

Look for nearby landmarks. When you are going through a mental battle, it might be time to shift your focus from the main goal, to something that is nearby. Get to that one, and then focus on the next nearby landmark, and then the next.

Before you know it, you have overcome and you can begin to focus on the primary goal again. After all, the nearby landmarks are all leading toward the primary goal.

Some of your greatest memories won’t be the end prize, but it will be the challenges you overcame along the way to the end prize.