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This is the perfect time to shift things into higher gear.

I used to love to drive my 1966 Mustang! It was a manual 3-speed 289. It was fast and I would love to punch the clutch and shift it into a higher gear with my foot laying heavy on the accelerator. Windows down and radio blasting!

For those who have never driven a manual transmission… I’m sorry.

In complete contrast, a few years ago I was driving my car when the automatic transmission blew. The only gear I had was 1st gear. I was about 60 miles from home. I decided to drive home in 1st gear. I could barely get above 15 mph. There were highways and bridges I had to cross, but for the most part I had to take the side roads and back roads, zig zagging everywhere. It took me 6 hours to drive 60 miles.

Some people go through life and in their business and they never shift out of 1st gear. They go nowhere, zig zagging back and forth and making almost no progress. In fact, they are most likely losing ground.

With this coupon code for Ready Set Leads, you can push your business into the next higher gear. One of our most popular leads it the Real Time Phone Interviewed Leads. It is the perfect lead to find that next gear and reach new speeds and growth in your business.

But… it’s up to you. This is a “manual” decision, meaning you have to be the one to decide if you’re going to shift into a higher gear. Naturally, we suggest that you buy MLM Leads for your business and put yourself in contact with quality and qualified prospects.