My New Favorite Business Book

To date, the book that has had the biggest impact on me as an entrepreneur is Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It certainly isn’t the most profound or best book ever written, but it has had the biggest impact.


Because it was written in a language I could understand and for the first time I saw that I could do many of the things that had been swirling in my head.  I’ve read many other books, but this one was always at the top of my list. I’ve read it several times.

My New Favorite Business Book

This year I picked up a new book – Russell Brunson’s “DotComSecrets.” It has had an impact on my that I was not expecting. I think I had put it off because I thought I knew the content of the book.

Man, was I wrong.

Over the last 5 years I have lost almost all confidence I had as a businessman. Most of that is my fault. I felt like I was falling farther and farther behind in the world of technology and I didn’t see how I would ever be relevant again in business.

Until DotComSecrets!

It was one of those books I didn’t know I was looking for.

I found the ad for the book on my Facebook Feed. It was being given away for free for a limited time. I paid the shipping and handling, and got the book. What kind of book could really be that good if it was free!?

I was blown away from page one!

In the same way that Rich Dad Poor Dad captured me, DotComSecrets did the same. It reignited my desires as a businessman and I began to understand technology again. I realized how I could get back on top of my game.

For a Limited Time

For a limited time, Russel Brunson is offering DotComSecrets again for free – you just pay shipping. I cannot recommend this book enough.

It will open your mind in a way where you are in control of your business, your future, and how you can get ahead an dominate. This is the perfect book for network marketers and home-based business owners.

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