Why the name, “Ready, Set, Leads?”

Why do we have the company name, “Ready, Set, Leads?” We could have easily used some name with MLM Leads in it to make it obvious what our company was about. We could have used something about the home-based business industry within our name. So, why, Ready, Set, Leads? We believe it captures the true heart of being in business for yourself. Having your own business is a lot like running a race. You’ve watched the Olympics haven’t you? What do they say at the beginning of a track event, a swimming event, or any … Read more

Ready Set Leads Coupon Code

For a limited time only, you can use the following coupon code to save 20% off the purchase of any of our leads: Coupon Code: RSL20 It’s that easy. Just type in that code when you are checking out and it will knock 20% off the purchase of any of our best MLM Leads. This is the perfect time to shift things into higher gear. I used to love to drive my 1966 Mustang! It was a manual 3-speed 289. It was fast and I would love to punch the clutch and shift it into … Read more

Christmas 2018 Sale

Merry Christmas! This year’s Christmas special is in 2 parts: Save 25% off the regular price any type of lead! Receive 50% extra leads automatically added to your order! ( Email Leads will receive 100% extra leads added to your order! ) Use Coupon Code:  CHRISTMAS18 Just click on any of the leads types in the side or top menu, enter the coupon code, and click “Apply Coupon.” The extra leads will automatically be added to your order when we deliver your leads. Speaking of delivery… If you want to take advantage of this Christmas … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving From Ready Set Leads

We just want to pause and say wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! There is SO MUCH to be thankful for! A cornucopia is not only a symbol of plenty, it is a symbol of an overflowing abundance of good things. Yes, not everything is rosy, but that’s life. We choose to be thankful, grateful, and appreciate our lives. We encourage you to take time over the next few days to begin making list of the things you are thankful for. Take a few days to so, and then share it with others. It is a … Read more

Running is Just Like Network Marketing

I’m a runner. I’m not fast, but I’m a runner. I’ll probably never qualify for the Boston Marathon, but I’m a runner. I used to hate running, but now I love it. I didn’t start running as a sport until April, 2011. I couldn’t run 2 minutes without fighting for oxygen. By Memorial Day I ran my first 5K. By September I ran my first 10K, and by Thanksgiving I ran my first half-marathon. Rain, sun, cold, or heat, I run. Not every day is a good running day. Some days I struggle. Most days … Read more

Fresh MLM Leads Put Numbers in Your Favor

So, you want to start using MLM Leads to build your business… or at least you want to try using them again. When network marketers want to turn up the heat and build fast, they turn to fresh mlm leads. These are home-based business opportunity leads that are a few days old to a few weeks old. Let me say this one thing (and listen closely): Using leads to build your home-based business can be harder than you think! Can I get an AMEN on that!!! I get emails every week of every year from … Read more

Success with Real Time Leads

You buy a batch of leads for your network marketing business… so what can you expect? That’s a pretty loaded question, but let me try and break it down and then answer the question. Breakdown First of all, not all lists of leads are equal. That is a given, but needs to be stated. So, let’s eliminate about 90% of the places online where you can buy leads. Most of them are oversold and soooo poorly generated it is a wonder that they can even be called leads. Let’s assume you bought a good list … Read more