Generating Your Own Leads… Better Think Twice!

These days, generating your own leads is all the rage. Companies make it sound easy, effortless, and the perfect edge for the “smart networker.” The truth… …the truth is, if you have the time, tons of cash, and don’t mind neglecting your primary home-based business, then sure – go ahead and try. But it’s doubtful you’ll have the success that these companies rave about. Who are these companies? Companies like MLSP, Wealthy Affiliate, Elite Marketing Pro, Clickfunnels, Mastery, etc. They all claim a simple funnel, a bit of blogging, or creating a social media blitz … Read more

Greater MLM Success – Put More Lines In The Water

In the last week, I have mentioned in videos how important it was to have multiple lines in the water. What does that mean? Consider these two analogies to help you understand: 1) You are going fishing for catfish. You walk up and there is a guy who has 5 poles with lines going out in different directions covering different depths, distance, and bait. You walk up with one fishing pole and some worms. At the end of the day, who will probably catch more fish? 2) You are going Blue Fin Tuna fishing off … Read more

The Truth About Genealogy Leads (aka Downline Reports)

Many people don’t know that I used to be the owner of a website that no longer exists – I only used to sell downline reports and genealogy. In fact, I was the #1 seller of genealogy reports. I was second to none. What is a genealogy lead? A genealogy lead comes from a report, some people call them downline reports. These reports are lists of names of people who are already in an existing MLM company, or one that has gone out of business. They have been around for decades, but were made … Read more

What If The Leads Just Don’t Work?

MLM Leads is A LOT Like Fishing About 2 weeks ago I was out fishing. It was near the end of the day and the air was beginning to cool. I thought it would have been a good time to catch a few largemouth bass. As I approached the pond, I noticed 4 other people fishing. They were scattered about. As I walked up, one of the first questions that you always ask is, “catch anything?” The answer was “no, maybe a couple bites, but no one is catching anything.” I could have walked back … Read more

Want To Give Up :-(

I was on my Twitter account this morning and John Maxwell was quoting Thomas Edison. Here is what it said: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Giving up. It can be defined in two ways. One is positive, the other is negative. First the positive: Giving up – removing those things in your life that are keeping you from being all you can be – i.e. you are giving up certain types of foods or unhealthy habits. Now the negative … Read more

What If Your Prospect Says, “I’m Just Looking For A Job.”

I’m posting an audio and the transcription of the audio for a file that Monte Taylor shared with me. A frequent objection that you may come across is the person who says, “I’m just looking for a job.” What do you say to that person? Is that a wasted lead? Or, can you turn that prospect into a relationship that ultimately becomes a valuable team member? Listen to the audio and follow along with the text below. And, at the bottom, see how you can get more Overcoming Objection tips from Monte Taylor. Audio from … Read more

Are You A Forward Thinker?

I own my own business, blog, consult, and create my own living. I made a decision about the life I wanted to live, and then found work and created work that would accommodate my lifestyle. It’s a simple idea that is forward thinking… not backward thinking. Backward thinking (imo) is where you go find a job, or even start a business, and then somehow live your life and create your identity around your job. Life is too short and time too precious for me to live backwards. I have fun and enjoy my family and … Read more

My New Favorite Business Book

To date, the book that has had the biggest impact on me as an entrepreneur is Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It certainly isn’t the most profound or best book ever written, but it has had the biggest impact. Why? Because it was written in a language I could understand and for the first time I saw that I could do many of the things that had been swirling in my head.  I’ve read many other books, but this one was always at the top of my list. I’ve read it several times. My … Read more