Your Gift To You This Christmas

Network Marketing Secrets

I have never been more bombarded by Black Friday emails, commercials, direct mail and online ads. Buy. Buy. Buy! I get it… wallets are open and people want a good deal. I have no problem with that. Let me say this – in the middle of all this shopping, Get Yourself A Gift! “No,” you may say. I get that too. It’s a blast to buy for others. “Gift Giving” is my primary love language (read Chapman’s book on the Five Love Languages). What if I told you it’s FREE! All you have to do … Read more

Tips For Calling MLM Leads During Election Years

I don’t know about you, but I am about ready to cancel my phone service if I receive one more call about who I’m voting for and which candidate I thought won the last debate, or any other senator, local official, or whomever. I receive call after call every day, every week. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. People are getting more telemarketing, pre-recorded phone calls these days than ever before. Election years can be a HUGE pain in the butt… …especially for those of us who use the phone to make a living! … Read more

Your Preacher Says “Quit Your MLM!” – What Do You Do?

I had a friend contact me to see if I had read this blog about a preacher who is “forbidding his flock from flourishing in the multilevel market industry.” Oh no… surely not. But, then I found out it affected a few people I know. This caught my attention, and I began researching what this preacher actually said. Come to find out, the church is just about 15 minutes from my house. “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” And that is just what this preacher did. A judgmental, pharisaic-like overflow from … Read more

Real Time Interviewed Leads Are Back!

We are happy to announce that Real Time Interviewed Leads are finally available again and ready for any size order! Because of our commitment to not oversell our leads, and that our interviewed leads are so dang popular… we had very limited quantities. But… THEY ARE BACK!! Did you know that we have been supplying Real Time Interviewed Leads now for 8 years!? Why? Because they are known for having consistent quality which always keeps them in high demand. We hit a little bump in the road recently in keeping up with this high demand, … Read more

What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #4

This is the conclusion of a 4-part series about what I’d do in 2019 to grow my MLM business – aka home-based business or network marketing business. Let me state a couple things: When I say “grow,” I don’t mean to add a couple hundred bucks a month to my commission check by the end of the year. You can do that, but that’s not what this is about. This is about going full time, taking it to 5-figures a month and beyond. While I say this is for 2019, I wrote a very similar … Read more

What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #3

Here we are at day #3 already. It all started on Tuesday when I decided to answer some common questions I get on a regular basis and share them with everyone. It all centers around the idea, What I’d Do In 2019, if I was actively building a Network Marketing or MLM business. (Just for the record, I am not. I am not a distributor with a company in order to remain neutral when working with customers from so many different company. I use products from many companies, but I am not a distributor). You … Read more

What I’d Do In 2019 – Part #2

Yesterday I blogged about responding to questions about what is working and what is the best way to grow your business in 2019. Yesterday I said I would use email marketing as part of my system. Done right, it is a great way to add people to your pipeline. Done wrong, and it’s a waste of time and money. If you want information about that, just go here. Today I want to tell you what my primary way of building a business would be. This is where I would sink at least 50% of my … Read more