Generating Your Own Leads… Better Think Twice!

These days, generating your own leads is all the rage. Companies make it sound easy, effortless, and the perfect edge for the “smart networker.” The truth… …the truth is, if you have the time, tons of cash, and don’t mind neglecting your primary home-based business, then sure – go ahead and try. But it’s doubtful you’ll have the success that these companies rave about. Who are these companies? Companies like MLSP, Wealthy Affiliate, Elite Marketing Pro, Clickfunnels, Mastery, etc. They all claim a simple funnel, a bit of blogging, or creating a social media blitz … Read more

The Truth About Genealogy Leads (aka Downline Reports)

Many people don’t know that I used to be the owner of a website that no longer exists – I only used to sell downline reports and genealogy. In fact, I was the #1 seller of genealogy reports. I was second to none. What is a genealogy lead? A genealogy lead comes from a report, some people call them downline reports. These reports are lists of names of people who are already in an existing MLM company, or one that has gone out of business. They have been around for decades, but were made … Read more