Greater MLM Success – Put More Lines In The Water

In the last week, I have mentioned in videos how important it was to have multiple lines in the water. What does that mean?

Consider these two analogies to help you understand:

1) You are going fishing for catfish. You walk up and there is a guy who has 5 poles with lines going out in different directions covering different depths, distance, and bait. You walk up with one fishing pole and some worms. At the end of the day, who will probably catch more fish?

2) You are going Blue Fin Tuna fishing off the coast of Massachusetts (like they do in the TV show Wicked Tuna – good show). You show up in your boat with one pole and some Herring to try and snag a tuna. Up comes the boat, They have 6 poles, chum, different baits, fish sonar, etc. At the end of the day, who is most likely to have caught a tuna?

Now, it’s likely the guy with one pole will catch a fish, and on any given day, may catch more than the guy with multiple lines in the water… BUT… day-in-and-day-out, the guy who has multiple lines in the water will catch more. The weekend hobby fisherman with one pole may thrive for a season, but his success will rarely, rarely ever surpass the professional fisherman.

So, there is my brilliant analogy… fishing.

My brilliant analogy breaks down at 2 major points

A) The person with multiple lines in the water may not know what he’s doing – kind of a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none kind of person. The extra lines in the water become essentially worthless, a waste of time and resources.

B) The person with one pole may be so proficient with one pole that there are few who can touch him, no matter how many lines they have in the water.

Does that make sense?

This may be a bit extreme… but you get the idea. Multiple lines in the water = multiple marketing methods for maximum success.

You know you better than I know you. Therefore, here are a few points to consider before you take the step forward to expand your outreach to grow your business.

Point #1 – YOU Are A Limited Resource

There is only one you and you can only spread yourself so thin. You need to carefully consider how many tools you want working for you to build your network marketing business. The more tools you add (the more lines you have in the water), the smaller the percentage of the time you can spend on any one tool.

The only way to beat this is to outsource, hire someone, have others in your family help out, or learn to automate certain functions. Just know, that you are limited and that you can only do so much before your effectiveness begins to drop – which is the complete opposite of what you want to happen.

This becomes more true if you have a family that needs your time, a J.O.B. to have to go to, and other obligations outside of your network marketing business.

Point #2 – Add One Line At A Time

This is a big one. So many people want to add Facebook marketing, content marketing, video marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, etc. to what they’re already doing.

Don’t add more than one marketing method at a time!

Choose one new marketing method at a time. Learn it. Educate yourself. Become proficient enough to teach others. Experience success with this method. Then, and only then, after you are no longer a novice, do you consider adding another marketing method.

Failure to heed this advice will cost you big bucks, a lot of wasted time, and big time burn out.

Point #3 – Do Not Give It Your 100%

If you give your 100% attention to learning and implementing your new marketing method, that means your other method (s) are getting zero percent.

There is no such thing as 110%. It only adds up to 100. You can go 50-50 or 30-70, but never 50-60.

A big mistake that new marketers make is neglecting what they’re already doing to learn something new. If you do this, you will lose momentum and quite likely you will also lose some of your proficiency in the other method.

Skip the ole “rah-rah” where you tell your upline, “I’m going to give it 100%.” That helps no one. Don’t neglect what you’re doing. Give the new method no more than 25-50% of your time… max! Still give the majority of your time to your existing marketing methods.

In all this, I’m not saying to live within your limits… I believe most of us need to get beyond our own limited thinking. I’m saying be wise in moving forward.