Generating Your Own Leads… Better Think Twice!

These days, generating your own leads is all the rage. Companies make it sound easy, effortless, and the perfect edge for the “smart networker.”

The truth…

…the truth is, if you have the time, tons of cash, and don’t mind neglecting your primary home-based business, then sure – go ahead and try. But it’s doubtful you’ll have the success that these companies rave about.

Who are these companies? Companies like MLSP, Wealthy Affiliate, Elite Marketing Pro, Clickfunnels, Mastery, etc.

They all claim a simple funnel, a bit of blogging, or creating a social media blitz will make all your dreams come true.

Here’s the Truth on Lead Generation in 2019

If you are trying generate your own MLM Leads for your business, then you better have A LOT of cash. I’m not talking hundreds. I’m talking thousands. It’s never as simple and cheap as these guys say it is. You will spend thousands getting funnels set up, graphics done, advertising, autoresponders, and so much more before you even have a dozen leads come through your system. Think I’m exaggerating? I have spoken with numerous people who have gone through$2,000 to $5,000 and had less than 30 leads to show for it.

Advertising sucks. Everyone makes Google Adwords or Facebook Ads sound so easy.  They say it will be 14 cents a lead on Facebook. What a joke. Your biggest expense will be advertising. And you better have about $1.000/week to spend if you want even 25-50 leads a week. That equates to about $20-$40/lead. And, if you start asking for stuff like phone numbers, addresses, etc… you’ll be getting a lot less leads. The really tough news – you may spend all the money and get no leads.

It takes more than blogging. So many of these companies draw you in for free or $25/month and tell you to blog. If you don’t expect results for 3 years, then blogging may not be a bad idea. There are currently over 500 million blogs in the world. Unless you are a Kardashian, your blog will never be found.

Kiss your primary business goodbye. Serious! You will be focusing 90% of your attention on learning how to generate leads that you will neglect your business. I say this from so much experience and interviews. Learning how to generate network marketing leads takes much more than watching a few videos, drag and drop, and clicking a few buttons. It will consume you… I almost guarantee it.

What Are My Options?

Keep the main thing the main thing.


You’ve heard that before. If you want to be successful you need to keep the main thing (your primary MLM business) your main focus. Don’t get distracted by promises of gold at the end of the rainbow.

There is another saying – The man who chases two rabbits catches none.

In other words, the man who tries to build his MLM business and then joins MLSP or Clickfunnels will build nothing.

That right there is truth!

My best advice – think and act like a real business man (or woman).

Think of a successful business owner. Got one in mind?

Let me tell you about the guy that comes to my mind. His name is Ed Bailey. You probably have never heard of him. He’s from north Texas and is the owner of 64 McDonald’s restaurants. These are not all just plain ole McDonald’s either. He has customized many of them. I have been to several of them. Some are immaculate. Others are just plain fun. But, can you imagine what it takes for Ed Bailey to own 64 McDonald’s?

One of Ed’s McDonalds here in Texas

Do you think Ed flips burgers are runs the shake machine? Do you think Ed manages each location? Do you think Ed runs the advertising campaigns to bring customers through his drive thrus?

If Ed doesn’t do those things, then why are you trying to generate leads? If Ed doesn’t make the biscuits in the morning, then why are you wasting so much time doing things that a real business man or woman would never do?

You need to begin thinking and acting like a real business person and let companies like Ready Set Leads do what they do best, and that is generate quality MLM Leads. You buy them and work them.

Yes, I’m writing this because I know what we do best and it’s how we can serve you. But I’m also writing it because on the road to build your business, there are so many distractions. Trying to generate your own leads is a distraction – a costly distraction of your time and money.