Fresh MLM Leads Put Numbers in Your Favor

So, you want to start using MLM Leads to build your business… or at least you want to try using them again.

When network marketers want to turn up the heat and build fast, they turn to fresh mlm leads. These are home-based business opportunity leads that are a few days old to a few weeks old.

Let me say this one thing (and listen closely):

Using leads to build your home-based business can be harder than you think!

Can I get an AMEN on that!!!

I get emails every week of every year from people who are disillusioned, upset, crying, discouraged, and beaten up because they thought leads would be easier than this. They can be… but most likely they won’t be UNLESS you know how to use them.

Maybe you were at your company convention, or you have become desperate to build your business, and so you thought leads would be your ticket. That’s true, but consider this – If using MLM Leads to build your business were easy, I would be a billionaire selling leads to thousands of millionaires who were recruiting people left and right.

Consider this… you went to a musical performance and the person playing piano melted your heart. “I want to play the piano,” you say. So, you invest in a piano and quickly become discouraged because you can’t get past the opening of “Chop Sticks.” Playing the piano at a level that melts your heart takes hours upon hours and years upon years of practice.

Using network marketing leads to grow your downline takes hours upon hours of calling and training to get to the point where you can recruit like a rock star.

Let me recommend a classic book to help you understand the person on the other end of the phone – Dale Carnagie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People.

“When dealing with people, let us remember we are dealing not with creatures of logic—-We are dealing with creatures of emotions…creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity” ~ Dale Carnagie

After more than 7,400 reviews on Amazon, this book has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Not too many books on Amazon can boast that.

Back to the piano analogy – do you think the pianist continues to practice, or do they ever reach a level and say “I am as good as I can get. I don’t need to practice anymore.” No, that would be absurd. If you stop practicing, sooner or later your skills will diminish.

If you want to use MLM Leads to recruit like a rock star, first of all, you must, you must, you must commit to training. Read books like Dale Carnegie’s. Attend a training of some kind. Listen in on some live calling trainings. Read more books.

Second of all, you must, you must, you must, commit to calling through leads, hundreds of leads, thousands of leads. Whether it takes you 6 months to call through a few hundred leads or 1 week, you must commit to large numbers of leads. You can’t expect the pianist to get get by just reading music theory books, can you?

Let me close with a quick story. I was introduced to leads in about 1998. I had joined a company called ProStep, which was a leads company with a multi-level pay plan. I received about 400 leads per month or so. I was certainly not a rock star, and I stumbled and fumbled my way through my leads. I felt highly discouraged. Then, I heard about a guy in ProStep who was using the same type of leads I was getting to build a 5-figure monthly business. He had a weekly live calling training call. I couldn’t believe the results he was getting.

I got off the call and re-wrote my script and tried calling my leads again… uh… nothing. Discouraged. So, I got on the call again. I got fired up again. I bought more leads and had a few people interested, but really nothing.

I got on the call again. This time Chris (the successful guy) issued a challenge because he had word that many of us were whining and complaining, feeling his leads were different or somehow better than ours. He said, “send me your leads and I’ll call them. I’ll bet I can take the same list of leads you’ve struck out with and I will strike gold.” So, I sent him my list. He used my leads the next week and recruited the heck out of my list. I was dumbfounded!!!

He addressed this and said he wasn’t born this way. He had worked HARD to get good. He had called through tens of thousands of leads (long before auto-dialers). He pumped himself with training and motivational materials. In his Australian 2-step company (if you guys remember those types of companies), he was pulling in 4 – 20,000 per week. He was a rock star.

The Bottom Line

MLM Leads work. Period.

They may not work for you, but maybe it’s time to commit to making them work. Train and call. Repeat.