MLM Email Leads

Quality Opt-in MLM Email Leads

In 2019, if you are going to do email marketing to promote your home business, you must have large numbers on your side. We have customers who buy 5,000 leads per month to those who buy 100,000 leads per week. Why? Because they work, and their leads have high delivery rates.

These are all leads that have requested information about working from home, getting started in a home-based business, and/or being their own boss from home.

Bulk Email Leads

It begins with Quality sources — We use quality optin lists and capture pages that are targeted for the home based business industry for our email leads.

Quantity is equally as important as Quality — With all of the spam filters and email blockers, you must have large numbers. That is why our smallest package is 2,000 leads and our largest package is 100,000 email leads.

Usable in any system — Our leads come in .csv format. This is the standard for any autoresponder, bulk email program, or your company’s system so you can import your leads easily.

Our MLM Email leads are best suited for bulk email systems and mlm autoresponders.

Each lead includes:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address, City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • IP Address

Your leads will also include a minimum of 20% additional leads.

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How To Order MLM Email Leads:

  1. Click on the blue “Order Now” button.
  2. Fill out your leads delivery information in Step 1.
  3. Choose the size of leads package in Step 2.
  4. Complete your billing information in Step 3.

5 – 20 Day Old Email Leads

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30 – 90 Day Old Email Leads

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MLM Email Lead Details

Delivery: Your leads will be delivered all at once as a downloadable file — the same day as your order if it is received by 5 pm CST, but can be up to 72 hours depending on holidays and weekends. You will be emailed the download link where you may go and retrieve your leads. That link is a temporary link, so please be sure to save your leads to your computer.

Lead Format: Leads are delivered in a .csv format (comma separated value). This is best viewed in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, and is the standard format for importing into autoresponders and bulk emailers. These leads are recommended for emailing purposes only. We do not recommend them for use in systems like phone burner or for dialing.

CAN-SPAM Compliance: All email leads have filled out an opt-in business opportunity form. They fall within the date range of the CAN-SPAM policies. They contain IP address and time and date stamp.

Location: United States only

Replacement: 100% overage included automatically to cover any bad leads. There is no further replacement for email leads.

Semi-Exclusive: Our MLM Email Leads are sold three times over the life of the lead. We do not sell the same leads to anyone within the same company, so you have exclusive use of your leads within your company.