Are You A Forward Thinker?

I own my own business, blog, consult, and create my own living. I made a decision about the life I wanted to live, and then found work and created work that would accommodate my lifestyle.

It’s a simple idea that is forward thinking… not backward thinking.

There has never been a greater era to live a forward thinking life!

Backward thinking (imo) is where you go find a job, or even start a business, and then somehow live your life and create your identity around your job.

Life is too short and time too precious for me to live backwards. I have fun and enjoy my family and friends.

At the end of each year when I evaluate the months that just passed… will I regret or cherish the time that has passed?  Will I be satisfied with how I spent the best days of my life? Will God be pleased that I was true to who He made me to be?

That is why I do what I do. I answer to my Heavenly Father. I answer to my wife. I answer to my family.

I do not answer to my boss. I do not answer to bad counsel. I do not answer to other’s opinions. Period.

I really like this video by Kevin David. It speaks to these thoughts:


It’s one of the reasons why I like the Dotcomsecrets book (I talked about it here). It opens your mind to new ideas and how to break out of the mold of backward thinking.