MLM Autoresponders

Generating the VERY Best Leads Using MLM Autoresponders

One of the difficult tasks in 2021 is finding a good autoresponder that allows you to use the leads you’ve purchased, being able to import your leads, and knowing they are being delivered.

** Please Note ** There is A LOT of information on this page. For those who want to do a quick skim, see the chart below. For those who want all the details, read all the way to the bottom.

Below you will find a review of some of the top MLM autoresponders and bulk emailers on the market for building your business, as well as an advanced marketing system using autoresponders.

Before we review them, there are 3 basic types of systems on the market. Each have their place. You need to decide which of these is right for you.

Bulk Emailers – This is what you need if you buy email leads You can import leads that you have purchased. You send out messages one at a time to the list you have imported. You can send out multiple times to the same list, whether that is the same message, or you send a different message each time.

“Open Loop” Autoresponders – These are not very common today. Many ISP’s have been filtering out emails from Open Loops AR’s. The only way to truly do an open loop today is to host it yourself, which can be quite expensive and is for the technically advanced (not very duplicatable).

“Closed Loop” Autoresponders – These require you to generate your own leads through a lead capture page. Closed Loop AR’s have the highest deliverability rate, but you cannot import leads you bought into their system. They allow you to set up a series of messages to be delivered to prospects over time as well.

Each of these systems have their place. For most network marketers, the Bulk Emailer is their first choice. For more advanced network marketers who use email marketing, they use a combination of Bulk Emailing with a Closed Loop system. I will give you my personal recommendation at the bottom of this page.

Disclosure: We receive a compensation from some of the companies whose products are presented on this web page. See our affiliate disclaimer.

** Advanced Autoresponder System **

This is the famous 2-Step System I have talked about for years, and the system that the most successful email marketers use to build long term success.

For those who want to set up a more advanced system, here is what I recommend. By “advanced,” I mean using an autoresponder or emailer to do more than just send prospects to your company-owned self replicating website.

I recommend setting up a 2-Step system. You will need:

  1. Leads
  2. Bulk Emailer
  3. Your own website, blog, or preferably a landing page
  4. Closed Loop Autoresponder

Look at the image of the funnel above.

1. You first need to business opportunity email leads to put into your funnel.

2. & 3. You import those leads into your bulk emailer. You will send emails to those leads inviting them to visit your landing page. You can send them to a regular website, but don’t. A landing page is THE best option. It is the initial introduction for the prospect about you and your business. It’s like a first date. A landing page offers the lead a short video, a free report, a glimpse that you may have what they’re looking for. To get that, they are going to have to take the next step.

4. You landing page has an “Opt-in” box, provided by your “Closed Loop” autoresponder. They can enter their name and email, or just their email (do not ask for phone, address, date of birth, resume, or anything else). This will capture your prospect’s information and will give you a very targeted prospect to receive information from you personally. They are not your subscribers. They have raised their hand and said they want more information from YOU! You are in essence, generating your own leads.

Your closed loop AR will be sending them a series of 7, 10, 20, or more emails. During these follow up emails, you are educating them and drawing them in. Some may jump on email one. Others it may take longer… some much longer. That is why you keep filling the top of your funnel. You will have leads, becoming prospects. Prospects becoming seriously engaged. And you have the seriously engaged becoming loyal customers and downline distributors.

Then you train your team to do the same while you continue to repeat the process.

I call this the 2-step system because it requires two different types of autoresponders to make this system run.

Take a look at that funnel again. That is the funnel in action! It is a beautiful system!

Now, there are 2 things you need to know about this system:

  1. It is “advanced.” That means it is going to take some time to test, tweek, and perfect your system. That takes time. You can put it all together in a weekend, but it will take time to perfect it. If you’re new to email marketing, you can start here, but be patient.
  2. A 2-step system costs money. Not a ton of money, but you’re going to have a bulk emailer, an autoresponder, and your own website for opt-ins, plus the cost of the leads to put into your bulk emailer. It’s still less expensive than most systems on the market, but it will take an investment of about $75-$150 to get set up. And it may be more if you want to get a really nice lead capture page.

The primary goal with a 2-Step system is to get people to opt-in to your “Closed Loop” system. Then you will have a very high deliverability rate system (like Aweber) to market your business and products to. We have customers who have built lists of 1,000, 10,000, and even over 100,000 subscribers in their closed loop autoresponder. Can you imagine having 100,000 personal subscribers?! It takes time, but it is worth it as they reap the financial rewards!

You will hear many of the big gurus in the home-based business, affiliate marketing, MLM, and network marketing arenas say, “their list is their greatest asset.” Their subscribers follow them. They read their blog posts. They follow them on social media. And it all started by subscribing to their list from an email!

Recommended 2-Step System Components

My recommendations come a result of 3 major factors: 1) My own personal experience in using these tools, 2) the results of several of our customers, many of which have far out-paced myself, and 3) my own personal mentors and those who have taught me the ropes.

Let me go in reverse order with my recommendations.

#1 – A “Closed Loop” Autoresponder

Use Aweber – If you generate your own leads or you use a 2 part email marketing system with a lead capture page, there is no better autoresponder than Aweber. We use this for our web sites and our newsletters. We consistently get a 98 – 99 percent deliverability rate. I have personally been using Aweber for 15+ years, and there is no other autoresponder that I could or would recommend higher.

Aweber is one of the oldest autoresponders on the Internet, as well as one of the most progressive and technologically advanced AR’s available. Furthermore, they are white-listed with more ISP’s, meaning your emails will get delivered to more inboxes than anybody else – not their spam or junk folder, or lost in cyberspace somewhere never having made that far.

If you’re going to do email marketing with lead capture pages, you need Aweber. I know there are other good ones, like GetResponse, but when it comes to arguably the most important tool I have, I trust Aweber. Prices start at $19/month. If you want to see what it’s like, just fill in the form below and take it for a test drive.

Powered by AWeber

#2 – Our Recommended Landing Page Service

A First-Class Landing Page. I have tried creating a landing page myself. It wasn’t too bad… for something from the early 2000’s. Even if I was a fantastic programmer with a knack for graphic design – I made the decision if I wanted the best, I needed to use a landing page service.

I would personally stay away from services like Leadpages and Clickfunnels. They are both pretty expensive and are far more than you will need (don’t believe their ads and the hype). Yes, they are both great, but you don’t need to spend $450 to $3,500 per year for landing page software. And… you will encounter other expenses on top of that (those aren’t over-exaggerated prices either. Leadpages and Clickfunnels come at a steep price).

PRO TIP: Don’t over complicate this.

All you need is a landing page (aka Squeeze page), to send visitors and have them opt into your list.

It’s that easy.

I have reviewed approximately 40 different services.  Some are so bland and vanilla. Others are so complicated making you feel like it took a team of programmers from MIT ten years to put it together. I found one that I thought was both cost effective and perfect for creating a simple one-page site.

LandingPage Monkey

The price is 80% less than Leadpages and less than 3% of the price of Clickfunnels. Save your money and get everything you need with LandingPage Monkey.

It’s easy. It’s cheap. And best of all… It creates beautiful, tested, proven, and powerful landing pages that you can customize for your MLM or home-based business.

Go check them out. Every now and then they run a $1 trial offer.

Landing Page Monkey
We included this big ole graphic so you can see how colorful and diverse some of the landing pages you can create are. The possibilities are endless!

#3 – The Recommended Bulk Emailer For Importing Leads

Your Bulk Emailer. The number of quality bulk emailers on the market that allow you to import leads that you’ve purchased is limited. I have only one I truly recommend. I tried to work with others (i.e. Hypermail), but they were so confused in speaking with me and proceeded to try and sell me on several hundred dollars of stuff I don’t need.

And… for those who are looking for a “web-based” autoresponder for their bulk emailing – those days are long gone. My recommendation below works exactly like a web-based system, but after setting up a couple things, it will work SO MUCH better than anything else. Here is my recommendation:

1) JMailerPro – I have known these guys for several years and they run a top notch company. This is the bulk emailer I recommend when using email leads that you have purchased.

** Side Note **

I’m talking about good email leads. There are several places you can get them. BUT… please do not waste your money on some cheapo coregistration leads.  “Coregistration” means that the prospect signed up for multiple offers at once – with one click of the mouse, they have signed up for information about a sweepstakes, Disney Vacation, refinancing their home, a business opportunity, and home alarm systems – for example. Who wants a lead like that? If you get nothing else out of this site – just know, friends don’t let friends buy coregistration leads.

** End of Side Note **

Here are the facts you need to know about JMailerPro:

  • They are great for those just getting started with email marketing.
  • Their customer support is second to none. Serious… they are the best!
  • You can import and use your own leads and you get your own server, IP address, and domain name.
  • They are best if your total monthly email volume is going to be less than 600,000 emails. Most people send less than 200,000 per month, so there is a package size to fit your needs.
  • Your bulk emailer gets better with time. JmailerPro is set up to build up and strengthen your reputation so that your deliverability rates get better with time.
  • They have a very inexpensive service to “deep clean” your list to make sure you get the highest deliverability – removing spam traps, bots, moles, and other malicious data.

One of the really cool things I like about JmailerPro is how your emails are sent out. It sends out about 100-400 emails per hour. The reason why this is good is so you get A LOT more of your emails delivered. People who send out thousands per hour, or who don’t know any better and just hit “send,” will lose 90% or more of their emails because ISP’s like Gmail, Yahoo, and many others will block all those incoming emails if they are coming in at too fast a rate. This is part of the GENIUS of JMailerPro.

You can be set up with JMailerPro in just a few minutes, or over the weekend. Their customer service will have you sending out your first emails in short order.

Prices range from $29 – $139/month, depending upon the volume of emails you are going to send. Click Here to check out JmailerPro.


** Bottom Line = JmailerPro stands out in their field and will do everything possible to make you successful.

So, here is the system I recommend:

  1. Buy email leads.  If you need email leads, contact me. I get a fresh batch every Tuesday. I don’t do cheap “coregistation” leads. These are quality email leads that run $400 for 200,000 email leads that are approximately 7-10 days old – that’s only $.002 per lead. 
  2. Import them in JMailerPro
  3. Send them to your LandingPage Monkey squeeze page
  4. Use Aweber to convert subscribers into customers and downline members.

It is a powerful system. It takes work. It takes patience. It takes a commitment to always be improving. But, it is a powerful system that can bring you a ton of customers and distributors!

Ready, Set, Leads is not associated with any of these autoresponders. Please consult with the individual AR company for support.

Guys… in 2021… this is a great setup.

Best wishes,